Polo Ponies

The term “Polo pony” is an expression for a horse or pony this is utilized in the sport of Polo.

Polo ponies aren’t a registered breed however a kind of horse or pony that own intelligence, bravery, speed, power and hundreds of agility because the polo pony has to gallop and flip round and halt swiftly on demand. On the internet you may discover many Ponies for Sale appropriate for the game of Polo. Polo is taken into consideration to be one of the fasted video games withinside the world; every now and then accomplishing speeds of round 30 mph, relentless galloping and brief modifications of path can positioned large quantities of pressure at the polo pony’s frame. Polo ponies need to have exact affirmation to assist with the rigours of the sport.


A sturdy muscular frame is needed; this can assist while being bumped through others.

A deep sloping shoulder, this can permit for the pains of “driving off”.

A deep and extensive chest giving sufficient room for the coronary heart and lungs, this can assist with stamina.

Well described withers to preserve the saddle in region because the rider will make a outstanding quantity of movement.

Ample room among the factor of hip and the stifle, blended with a nicely allow down hock to allow the maximum energy from the hind quarters.

Pasterns may be extra upright than commonly perfect to lessen the stress at the tendons.

Polo pony flip out

Polo ponies are historically hogged.This is a exercise in which the mane and forelock are shaved off, that is to save you the mallet from getting stuck up withinside the mane.

Polo ponies have their tail taped up at some stage in exercise and in competition.This is to prevent the ponies tail from getting withinside the manner of the polo mallet that may probably damage the pony, additionally a tail down may also difficult to understand the ball from vision.

Polo ponies legs are constantly bandaged and the ponies regularly put on shielding boots to assist shield their legs from the rigours of the sport and to present their legs as tons aid as possible.

History and development

Argentina is the biggest exporter of polo ponies. They have created a number of the best polo ponies at the planet. This has been carried out through crossing the local Argentine Criollo horse with the Thoroughbred horse.

When polo became first observed in India through the British the ponies used stood round 12 hands, simplest ponies will be utilized in the sport till 1919 while top limits had been introduced to an end. Hence the term “Polo pony.”