A Guide to Polo With Horses

Polo is a sport performed with a crew of 4 riders on horseback the usage of an extended mallet to hit a small ball into the opposing crew’s aim. The item of the sport being the crew to attain the very best wide variety of dreams. Traditionally polo is performed on a massive grass discipline as much as three hundred yards and 2 hundred or one hundred sixty yards wide. After every aim is scored the groups switch dreams to be able to account for the wind and conditions. In America polo is regularly performed in arenas that are smaller and simplest have groups of 3 riders in preference to 4.

A sport of polo is cut up into intervals of play called chukkas commonly round seven mins long. Between chukkas gamers regularly alternate ponies in better stage competitions regularly greater ponies are used among 4 and 8 ponies in keeping with rider.

Although known as polo ‘ponies’ the mounts used are regularly horses as much as 16hh tall. They are decided on for his or her agility, pace and temperament. Temperament is crucial as the pony ought to be controllable always even if the tempo of the sport receives exciting.

The 4 gamers have numbers from one to 4 and this defines their position at the discipline. Number one has a greater offensive position while wide variety 4 is the maximum protecting player. The game is constantly performed proper handed.

Special system is wanted to play polo; riders commonly put on denims and a polo blouse plus driving boots, knee protectors, gloves and a polo mallet. Polo tack is just like English driving tack, regularly a status martingale is used and double reins.

The ponies are became out with hogged manes and plaited tails to be able to keep away from getting them stuck withinside the mallet.

In the United Kingdom there are numerous polo golf equipment throughout the united states that offer lessons and chukkas. To be aggressive at polo is high-priced because of the renovation of the horses required and the system needed.