Polo originated in Persia in 500 B.C. and was adopted by the British Army in Pakistan and India who brought to England and Ireland by cavalry in 1869.

Polo was first played in Ireland at Gormanstown Strand.  The Meath team  beat the 9th Lancers, who were at the time quartered in Ireland.

In 1873 Mr. Horace Rochford, (60 when he took up polo) established the All Ireland Polo Club on the "Nine Acres" in the Phoenix Park. Polo is still played there three times a week in the summer. The All Ireland Polo Club is regarded as the oldest club in the world.

players At one time Polo was played at 30 locations in Ireland. 

Today there are many clubs throughout Ireland from Tyrone to Waterford and Wicklow to Limerick.

The Federation is the overarching body which represents the interests of Polo in Ireland and which promotes the sport at home and abroad.

Polo  is governed by the Hurlingham Polo Association. The clubs in Ireland are members of HPA and operate to these rules.

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